RSW pneumatic support cylinder

RSW pneumatic support cylinder

  • BrandJaya RSW
  • OriginChina

The inner and outer materials of RSW pneumatic support cylinder are made of stainless steel to ensure smooth movement.

Stable performance under the working conditions of 4~10kgf/cm 2, the maximum pressure resistance is 10kgf/cm2.

Depending on the thickness of the workpiece, the strength of the extension spring of the piston rod can be changed.

The contact force of the piston rod is small, within the range of 0.2~0.6kgf, which is especially suitable for thin workpieces.

Maximum operating pressure: 10 kgf/cm2

Minimum operating pressure: 4 kgf/cm2

Actuation mode: single-acting

Type A: Spring ejection type support. In the initial position, the support head is at the uppermost end under the action of the internal spring. When working, the support head is pressed down by the gravity of the workpiece when it is lowered to make it synchronously downward, and the workpiece is safely placed When it is on the jig, it stops descending, and the support head also stops descending. After adding air pressure, the support cylinder is locked to provide support to the workpiece and stop running.

Type B: Pneumatic push-out type support. At the initial position, the support head is at the bottom end. After the workpiece is placed, add air pressure to the support cylinder to make the support head move up. When it hits the work piece, the support head stops moving up and continues to pressurize to Locked, so that the support head provides support to the workpiece at the current position and stops.


No eccentric load can be applied to the support plunger

No overload load

The piston rod cannot be turned in the locked state

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